About Us


The Civil and Structural Engineering Consultancy “Chatzistergiou & Associates” was founded in 1983 by George Chatzistergiou. He is a graduate of the National Technical University of Athens (dpt. of Civil Engineering), His dissertation was on Cable stayed roofs. He received his MSc at the University of Surrey (UK). The MSc dissertation was on cable stayed bridges under the supervision of Dr. B. Richmond, senior partner of the consulting firm Maunsell and Partners.

The office specializes in the diagnosis of the load bearing capacity of existing structures and their strengthening where this is necessary, new buildings such as hotels, schools, office and industrial buildings, residences, etc -in Greece and abroad.

The office is staffed with high expertise Civil Engineers, trained in new technologies, regulations and materials. George Chatzistergiou is the managing director. Senior executives are Ioannis Skopelitis and Eleni Tsianti, both graduates of the National Technical University of Athens (dpt. of Civil Engineering).


  • Public Works
  • Hotesl
  • Residences
  • Monuments
  • Structures’ Restoration
  • Special Works


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